"Read to me!" | Lone Star Signers

Our two-year-old is in a phase.

All day long, she’ll bring me a book off her bookshelf and say, “Read to me!” 
But it’s not just me! She’ll bring books to her sister, to her Nana, to parents of students who attend my signing classes…
And if we aren’t fast enough, she’ll get louder: “READ TO ME!” (All the while, signing PLEASE. So cute.)
So, in no particular order, here are the books that are being read around here, multiple times each day:

What are you reading with your kids this week? (And don’t forget, you can join us for Mom’s Book Club NEXT Thursday as we talk about reading aloud with our kids!)
**Affiliate links have been used simply because I like the pretty pictures, and it’s faster than copying and uploading them to the blog. If you’re looking for amazing, awesome Barefoot Books, please talk to my friend Veronica–she loves books almost as much as/even more than I do!**

5 thoughts on “"Read to me!" | Lone Star Signers

  1. I noticed her asking/demanding “read to me” when we were there Tuesday. It made me smile =)
    Thanks for the shout out and how have I never read the Gossie books?!

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