Signing with a Toddler: 27 month update

These last few months, we have really begun to see Kate’s personality appear. She’s always been full of joy and sunshine, but it is so sweet to hear more of her little voice everyday and enjoy her sense of humor. She still signs a ton while she speaks; it’s almost become a cute way for her to emphasize all those “important” words!

  1. She will come to me for “snuggles” on the couch (many times with a pile of books for me to read aloud to her) and say, “Get a book; read to you?” All the while, she is signing MAMA, BOOK, READ. Toddler translation: “If I bring you a book, will you read to me?”
  2. The other day, when it was freezing cold outside, I sat down on the couch with a mug of warm broth. Kate was strapped into her booster seat at the table nearby and she shouted, “”Hot coffee! Careful!” while signing CAREFUL. So cute, since neither of us drink coffee, but her Nana does and she recognized the mug. πŸ™‚
  3. Signing with a Toddler: 27 month update

  4. She’s been very cuddly lately, and her new phrase just melts me every time: (patting me) “That’s my mama! Mine!” My expected response is, “You’re my Katie!”
  5. We’ve been reading ABC Signs a lot lately (see #1), and she’s doing a great job singing the song correctly and recognizing letters. She was “helping” me write on the chalkboard Friday morning, and said, “Z is for zipper!” (like in the book). She made a pretty good “Z”, but erased it before I had a chance to take a picture.
  6. This morning, she was spending time with me while I put my make-up on. I don’t wear much, just concealer and mascara–and she took the two tubes out of the drawer and said/signed, “Different!”
  7. The cutest one (in my opinion), is when she signs FOOTBALL and shouts, “Go Pack, GO!” whenever her daddy wears his Packers shirt/jersey/hat. Start ’em young!
  8. Last night, we went to the Drive-Through Nativity at Concordia Lutheran Church, and Addie had her window down enjoying the music and lights while we waited in the line. Whenever she saw a volunteer, she’d call out, “Merry Christmas!” It wasn’t long before Kate started hollering at her window, too.
I’ve loved so many of Kate’s stages, but I’ve got to say that *this* age is one of my favorites. πŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “Signing with a Toddler: 27 month update

  1. SO stinkin' adorable. I love the signing for toddlers. We did a version of this when our sone was small (many years ago), but it has grown into a huge movement since then.

  2. I know, Patti, right? I am so thankful to the Coleman family for making Signing Time–their products have enriched so many families' lives. We've already met one family with a child who uses sign along with cochlear implants, and I love that my girls were able to play with him and communicate using both of his languages. I think we'll always have some signing in our family culture!

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