Tot Tray Wednesday #3

Hooray–last week’s toys and trays were a HIT! The baby doll went everywhere with us, including to visit the hotel room of a family member visiting from out of state. The girls continue to play with the color stacker from Sparkbox Toys–it finds its way into every make-believe game they play!

#ToyrotationTuesday was pretty fun for me this week. I know that I’m an organization nerd, but it felt good to clean up the bins a little bit and reach WAY back to toys they haven’t seen in a while. I also made the executive decision to keep all the tot trays put away EXCEPT at learning time so that they are still engaging when I need them most.

Tot Tray Wednesday #3

TOY STORAGE: I keep all the toys in IKEA bins in the girls’ large walk-in closet. I try to have them sorted by general category (games, fine-motor skills, make-believe, etc.), but sometimes stuff gets jammed into the closest bin. (Out of sight, out of mind.) I use large zipper bags to keep pieces together in storage and just swap out into the pretty baskets for easy access.

Tot Tray Wednesday #3

Toys with unlimited access:
(affiliate/referral links used for your convenience)
* Mirror blocks (Sparkbox)
* Yellow vehicles–assorted (school bus, Tonka truck, Pizza Planet wooden truck, trains and more)
* Train tracks (IKEA)
* Doll and accessories
* Wooden ABC puzzle
* Color stacker (Sparkbox)
* Balloons (left over from signing class last week)

Kate has yet to really engage with the mirror blocks, so I’m going to take pictures of different configurations and laminate them for the basket to see if that increases her interest. I’m hopeful that the girls will initiate some type of play with the vehicles and blocks this week. (I’ve also asked Adam to lead them in play one evening this week because blocks are not my forte.)

Tot Tray Wednesday #3

Tot Trays:
1: Shape puzzles–she did a FANTASTIC job with the wooden 2-piece number puzzles last week, so I thought this would be a fun way to reinforce shapes.
2: Farm puzzle (the picture is also underneath on the frame)-similar
3: More nuts and bolts–I need to model this for her a couple of times. She showed no interest in it last week, so I changed the card.
4: More number puzzles–these include the number word with the numeral and a picture.

Our families do such a fantastic job finding educational toys for our girls–we are very fortunate. I find that it’s a struggle for ME to limit their toys because there are so many awesome things in their closet!

What are your kiddos playing with this week?

I love your comments, and try to reply back here!

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