Tot Tray Wednesday #4 | Colors

Hurray for another Wednesday! I love having a routine in place that allows us to reset in the middle of the week–it helps us get refocused on our schoolwork, and the new toys spark creative play for everyone.

Tot Tray Wednesday #4 (Colors)
This week is our our first Play & Sign class of the Summer Session, so I spent a little more time yesterday planning and getting organized. We have a great mix of graduates, returning students we haven’t seen in a while, and new students! I’m really excited about some of the activities that Kate and Addie get to explore throughout the week.
Week 4
Signing class theme: Colors of the Rainbow

Main book: Dog’s Colorful Day by Emma Dodd

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Toys with unlimited access:
* Trains (IKEA)
* Color stacker (Sparkbox)
* Color tub: RED (tons of fun “open-ended” toys in here!)
* Color-themed books (ours and from the library)

Tot Tray Wednesday #4 (Colors)

Tot Trays:
1. Rainbow straws (from the grocery store) cut into assorted lengths. Drop into empty cheese container or string on shoelace. (fine motor, color recognition, patterning)
2. Two-piece color puzzles (out of print)
3. Color sort with magnetic letterss–the chip & dip tray is from Dollar Tree (as are the little green boxes) and I have laminated color words attached to each section. I typically put out pom poms for this activity, but I needed an ABC tray. I love this idea even more! (Extension idea: for your older preschoolers/kinders, you can have them use the letters to spell out color words.)

The kids have been busy playing all morning! I may open up the closet and pull out another activity, but I think this is a great start for the week.
What are your kiddos playing with?

I love your comments, and try to reply back here!

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