Recap: Introduction to Tot School Workshop

Recap: Introduction to Tot School Workshop

Saturday morning, we had our very first Introduction to Tot School workshop. Seven lovely mamas joined us for a two-hour conversation and yummy cinnamon pastries—we talked about everything from toy rotation to our favorite websites for toddler activities, and everything in between!

Over the next few months, I really want to focus on equipping other parents to be their child’s best teacher. There will be more live workshops, pre-planned digital activity packs for busy parents, and hopefully even an e-course for those of you not in San Antonio!

We will also be starting a local Tot School Moms group for the sharing of ideas, encouragement, and possibly even educational toys. (“You’re doing an OCEAN theme, and I have a fish puzzle we’re not using this week.”) It will be a lot more fun if we’re doing this together!

Coming up next: another Introduction to Tot School Workshop! (end of May)

In June, we’ll have a follow-up workshop on Age-Appropriate Learning. Young children are often on a continuum with a wide range of “normal,” so we’ll talk about discovering learning styles, assessing milestones, and setting short-term & long-term educational goals.

Contact me if you’re interested in joining us! We’d love to have you!


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