Family Hobbies: Barbershop!

When you hear the word BARBERSHOP, what do you think? Before I met my husband, I thought it was a place to get a haircut. 🙂

But no–there’s more to it than that.

Barbershop is a style of a capella singing. And it’s a HUGE subculture here in the United States–something I knew absolutely nothing about until I fell in love with a blonde-haired, blue-eyed baritone (now tenor) from the Midwest.

Family Hobbies: Barbershop!Adam has been singing in barbershop choruses and quartets since his college days, which means his relationship with The Barbershop Harmony Society will ALWAYS predate his relationship with me. A wise man once told me that “a happy wife equals a happy life” and I believe the same is true for our husbands. When my fella gets out to sing once (or twice) a week, he is much more relaxed and fun to be around. (And who doesn’t want that?!)

I’ve found that I’m one of the few wives who doesn’t sing also (yes–barbershop for women!), but I’m hopeful that our girls will grow up loving four-part harmony and will be confident enough to try it, too.

Four undeniable signs that we’re a barbershop family:
* The girls are both excellent at matching pitch when Adam listens to quartet CDs in the car.
* Vacations are planned around barbershop conventions and competitions.
* I check pockets for pitch pipes before doing laundry. 😉
* Our daughter’s name is Adeline. Seriously. (For you Star Wars fans, it’s akin to naming your daughter Leia.)

Enjoy this beautiful rendition of “Daddy’s Little Girl” (one of our favorites):

We’re so excited that Adam has found a fantastic, family-centered chorus to sing with during this season of life–and we’re hopeful that he’ll finally get his award-winning quartet before too much longer. As the old song says, “It’s great to be (married to a) barbershopper!”

What are your family’s hobbies?


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