Tot Trays: Friends and Feelings

We are back from vacation and feeling refreshed! I am determined to enjoy this summer with the girls, despite the heat. They are getting really great at playing together without needing my constant attention–I honestly think that we’ve hit our rhythm with our toy rotation system!

Toy Rotation, Week 9 | Lone Star Signers

Week 9

Signing class theme: Friends and Feelings

Signing Time videos: Baby Signing Time:Let’s Be Friends and Family, Feelings, and Fun

Main book: Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle

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Toys with unlimited access:

* IKEA train set
* Color tub: PURPLE (several fun “open-ended” toys in here!)
* Purple dress-up clothes
* Lincoln Logs
* Farm animals and blue/yellow trucks

Since we still have lots of our farm toys out and visited Uncle Joe’s farm last week, we’re using this week to review farm animals while we practice using our nice words. Next time we do this theme, I think we’ll focus on FROGS (since Toad saves the day in Little Blue Truck).  Tot Trays: Friends, Feelings, and Farm | Lone Star Signers, San Antonio

Tot Trays:

1. Farm Peekaboo puzzle (with animal names written on pieces for extra literacy)
2. Farm and friendship books
3. Animal 2-piece puzzles (Kate’s working on letter sounds, so we’ll see if she shows interest in these.)
4. Foam ABC hearts
5. Pony beads & pipe cleaners

 We’ve also been painting and playing in our sensory bin!

Little Blue Truck

What are your kiddos playing with this week?

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