Awesome $1 Items for YOUR Tot School * June 2014

With the 4th of July coming up, I’ve been busy planning SIMPLE, fun activities for the girls. I’ve been pinning ideas for over a week and decided that a shopping trip was in order.

Tot School 4th of July on Pinterest

On Sunday, we stopped by Dollar Tree and Target in The Rim to check out our $1 options. I was hoping to find a star-shaped ice cube tray, some American flag toothpick decorations, stickers, stars, and more. The seasonal selection at both stores was not good–I’m not sure if they were already picked over, or if they need to follow more toddler activity boards on Pinterest.

$1 Summer Items

Here’s what I ended up purchasing:

  1. White plastic sink mat (kitchen section at Dollar Tree)
  2. Red plastic 3-part tray (found near the baskets at Dollar Tree)
  3. Red(ish) hand tongs (Dollar Spot at Target)
  4. Blue scoop (Dollar Spot at Target)–and yes, I bought one for each of my children!
  5. White ice cube tray (Dollar Tree) *I actually already owned one.*
  6. Two-pack bandanas (Dollar Tree)
  7. Red chip and dip tray (Dollar Tree)

When I got home, we made some red and blue rice for our sensory bin. I also gathered our red, white, and blue tot school supplies: pom poms, pipe cleaners, and gems.

4th of July Tot School Activities from Lone Star SignersAnd, voila! We have four very simple activities for next week:

  • sort red/white/blue pom poms using the 3-part tray and hand tongs
  • make patterns with the ice cube tray and gems
  • lace the strings through the sink mat
  • sensory play with the red, white, and blue rice

I’ll probably use the bandanas as color-sorting mats in signing class, and we plan to use the chip & dip tray for our “fireworks”-themed play dough invitation!

What awesome $1 items have you found recently?



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