Sparkbox Toys Delivery #2

As y’all know, I’m a BIG believer in toy rotation! I view my girls’ toys as TOOLS for learning, so I don’t feel bad about the wide variety of materials that they have available…BUT I don’t think they need to have access to ALL their toys at one time.

When I first heard about Sparkbox Toys, I knew that it was something we were going to try! Called the “Netflix for toys,” Sparkbox believes in providing children with the BEST of the best toys available–wooden, open-ended, and creative invitations to play!

Sparkbox Toys Delivery #2 | Lone Star Signers

Once I created an account and started browsing the toys, my wish list for Kate quickly grew beyond 20 items! (You can see our first box here.) I could easily walk into a high-quality toy store and spend $100 on a handful of items, but I prefer to RENT from Sparkbox instead. We all know that children thrive on variety/novelty, and getting a new box of toys provides that for our girls. Not to mention that they learn to be gracious givers when it’s time for the toys to go to a new home. (Best of all, the toys come to us clean and sanitized! AWESOME!)

So what was in our latest box?

* Inchworm links–SO fabulous for learning number order and practicing counting, plus they come with lacing strings for fine motor practice!

Ohio Art Inchworm Links from Sparkbox Toys | Lone Star Signers

* Rainbow blocks–I was not expecting the blocks to be translucent, so I am thrilled with the extra learning options here: stacking, sorting, color mixing!

Rainbow Blocks from Sparkbox Toys | Lone Star Signers

* Nuts and Bolts–both of my girls need fine-motor practice, so this is an ideal toy! I love the vibrant colors and large size, not to mention the open-ended options for creative play! (View this toy on Amazon.)

Plan Toys: Nuts and Bolts from Sparkbox Toys | Lone Star Signers

* Magnatab numbers 0-9–WOW, the sensory aspect for this toy is awesome! The magnet pen pulls the balls to the surface with a surprising amount of force, and it’s fun to push them back down, too. Perfect for an on-the-go activity! (View this toy on Amazon.)

O Kids: Magnatab Numbers 0-9 | Lone Star Signers

* Gears and Deluxe Puzzles–Another great open-ended toy, great for children of all ages! Children can arrange the puzzle pieces and then insert the colorful gears (hand-eye coordination) into place. (View this toy on Amazon.)

Plan Toys: Gears and Deluxe Puzzles from Sparkbox Toys | Lone Star Signers

(Note: boxes typically have four toys. Our fifth toy in this box was an excellent customer service response to a teeny-tiny issue in our first box–one of the robot puzzle pieces was slightly damaged in transit.)

We highly recommend Sparkbox Toys–check out the website for yourself and see if there are any toys you think would catch your child’s eye!

**This is an unsponsored post. All opinions are my own. Affiliate links are used, which means if you make a purchase or subscribe, I will make a small commission/receive a free month from Sparkbox.**


4 thoughts on “Sparkbox Toys Delivery #2

    • We have LOVED it. Wish it had been around when my girls were tiny; they have great baby toys available…and you know how quickly those stages go by the first year!

  1. That does look like fun! Especially for the younger ages when they go through toys and need that rotation to keep the toys fresh! My son however I could give them the same magnetic blocks, dinos, hard animals and legos every day and he’d be happy. He’s played with his magnetic blocks every day since he got them 2 months ago.

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