Weekly Reading Basket #1

Last week, Veronica from Seven Lovely Things shared her family’s weekly reading basket! Her goal was to read 15 books a week to her children, and she shared the highs and lows of the books from the previous week. I am always so impressed with Veronica’s intentional parenting, especially when it comes to books and art–and they say imitation is the highest form of flattery, so…

Without further adieu, let me introduce you to OUR weekly reading basket!

We have a large basket in our playroom/classroom area that always houses a variety of board books, but I’ve never thought about switching them out on a weekly basket for the purpose of read-aloud time!

Lone Star Signers: Weekly Reading Basket #1

I was ambitious this first week with 19 books for our two girls. Our signing class theme for the week is OUTSIDE, so I requested a few titles to support our studies.

Addie (6):

  • Follow the Line and Maisy’s Snowy Christmas Eve were independent library book choices.
  • Stuck is REALLY funny, but went over her head.
  • City Dog, Country Frog will always be one of my favorites.

Kate (33 months):

  • Maisy’s First Colors (“Where’s PURPLE?!”), 1, 2, 3, ZOO, and LMNO Peas were all independent library book choices.
  • Fifteen Animals by Sandra Boynton is a classic!

I didn’t meet my goal of reading all 19 books to the girls this week, but both girls did sit down several times and read/looked at the books during quiet time. Addie and I just started All of a Kind Family as our chapter book read-aloud, and Kate has attached herself to a few new library books we picked up on Thursday evening. I’ll share those next week!

What’s in your reading basket this week?

Use the hashtag #weeklyreadingbasket on Instagram to join in the fun!


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