Weekly Reading Basket #2

TWITTER Weekly Reading Basket

I am so thankful to have a tribe of mama friends who are passionate about books! Each week, I am encouraged and inspired to fill our spare minutes with book time.

One of my college professors regularly quoted Emilie Buchwald:

“Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.”

Putting out a basket of thoughtfully-chosen books has made all the difference in our reading time these past past few weeks. I find Kate browsing through the board books consistently throughout the day, and Addie has a nicely curated selection of books that are appropriate for both her age and reading level.

Lone Star Signers: our #weeklyreadingbasket (#2)

We’ve been talking about signs for OUTSIDE and SUMMER this past week, so many of our books correspond with that theme.

Addie (6):

  • Addie has been introduced to the American Girl books, specifically the Felicity series about colonial America. (We’ve been watching Liberty’s Kids {affiliate link} and talking about American history this summer.)
  • She also picked out a Mike Mulligan anthology from the library this week.

Kate (33 months):

  • Maisy’s First Colors and LMNO Peas are constant companions everywhere we go.
  • Move! and All the Colors of Busytown have also been favorite picks.

What’s in your reading basket this week?

Use the hashtag #weeklyreadingbasket on Instagram to join in the fun!



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