Tot Trays: Weather

Weather is a fantastic Tot School theme–there are so many different TYPES of weather that this class tends to be a little different each time I teach it. And of course, our weather here in Texas is simply HOT, but that doesn’t mean we can’t pretend it’s winter!

Toy Rotation, Week 13

Week 13

Great WEATHER Books for Children | Lone Star SignersSigning class theme: Weather

Signing Time video: Baby Signing Time: A New Day

Main book: Bear in Sunshine by Stella Blackstone  (Barefoot Books are fun concept books with colorful illustrations.)

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Toys with unlimited access:

  • IKEA trains
  • Inchworm Links (rented from Sparkbox Toys)
  • Purple treasure basket (including castanets, pegs, and a light-up spiky ball)
  • ABC two-piece puzzles (out of print)

Weather Sensory Bin from Lone Star SignersWe also have a CLOUDS sensory bin with cotton balls and blue marbles.

Here’s my Tot School: Weather Pinterest board–
Tot School Weather on Pinterest

Follow Melissa @ Lone Star Signers’s board Tot School: Weather on Pinterest.

Weather-themed Tot Trays from Lone Star Signers

Tot Trays:

  1. Umbrella playdough mat
  2. C is for Clouds tracing page (laminated)
  3. Rainy Day number maze
  4. Cloud lacing activity
  5. Colorful Umbrellas emergent reader
  6. Raindrop counting game
  7. Straw pieces & cheese container

All of our printables this week came from This Reading Mama.

What are your kiddos playing with this week?


5 thoughts on “Tot Trays: Weather

  1. That’s a really cool idea (pun intended) to pretend it is winter, since it is sooo hot in TX right now. Great box of goodies you got there for the kids to play with!

    Julie @

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