Weekly Reading Basket #4

Join us every week with your #weeklyreadingbasket!
My girls are loving our #weeklyreadingbasket (inspired by Veronica at Seven Lovely Things)–we’re taking time in the middle of our day to read together, and it’s a lovely thing! I hope you will join us with YOUR reading basket this week; just use the hashtag on Instagram to link up with us!

So it is with children who learn to read fluently and well: They begin to take flight into whole new worlds as effortlessly as young birds take to the sky.

—William James

We visit the library at least three times a week; once or twice to pick up a big stack of books I requested and a special trip on Saturday mornings to each pick out our own special books.

Addie (6) is still on an American Girl kick (she keeps those under her bed in her room for rest time), and she also picked out Frog and Toad are Friends and Sister Anne’s Hands, a slightly maudlin book about a little girl and her teacher in the 1960s. I picked out All Alone for her because I love Kevin Henkes and also because my little extrovert needs to learn about people who enjoy their solitude.

#weeklyreadingbasket from Lone Star Signers | Week 4

We’ve been talking about signs for BEDTIME this past week, so the books in the middle section correspond with that theme. I’m really excited about the new(ish) Mem Fox book, Tell Me About Your Day Today. Good Night, I Love You is one of my favorites that we read over and over again during this theme.

Kate (35 months) is addicted to Mouse’s First Summer, so I requested a few new Mouse books for variety. I think we may need to buy a few from this series for her birthday next month!

What’s in your reading basket this week?

Use the hashtag #weeklyreadingbasket on Instagram to join in the fun!

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