Introducing: Discovery Toys now available from Lone Star Signers * San Antonio, TX

When our older daughter was an infant, I signed up with Discovery Toys as an educational consultant. I loved connecting families with these awesome toys, but between our micropreemie’s therapy schedule and my full-time job, something had to give…

Fast forward five years through a move, a job change, another baby, and into our journey as homeschoolers–we still LOVE and play with our Discovery Toys products regularly.  The quality and educational value is unmatched!

Introducing: Discovery Toys! Now available locally from Lone Star Signers * San Antonio, TX

With Kate’s 3rd birthday approaching, I hopped onto the DT website to browse the latest catalog–and oh my goodness! So many of our favorites are still being sold AND the new products look incredible, too. And yes, I took the plunge and signed up as an educational consultant again. (I just couldn’t resist!)

Rest assured, my primary focus has not changed! I am passionate about early education and equipping parents to be their child’s first/best teacher. I feel like Discovery Toys fits in with my mission beautifully, and I am excited to add more quality products to the services we offer here.

I’m happy to announce that my kit arrived this morning, and my ONLINE launch party is scheduled for this Sunday! If you have any birthdays or special events coming up, I’d love to help you choose the perfect gift!

Have you played with Discovery Toys before? Which one is your favorite?


I love your comments, and try to reply back here!

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