Sparkbox Toys Delivery #3 (#playlearnreturn)

I feel like I’ve been writing about and talking about TOYS a lot lately. And that’s okay! While I tend to be a minimalist in many areas of our life, I believe strongly in the power of play for young children. Toys are our children’s tools for learning, and I’m always excited to find a new open-ended material that we can use for our homeschool lessons and our free-play time.

We recently started back at Classical Conversations, and we made the choice this year to keep Kate (recently 3) out of the nursery and in a corner of Addie’s classroom. Kate will be a VERY young 4 next year, the age the Foundations program begins, so we want her to see the flow of a regular community day to make her transition into her own classroom a little easier. (Also: I see how easily Kate picks up the memory work at home!) It’s helpful to have a variety of toys to engage her during our time at CC, which is why I was so excited to have a Sparkbox Toys delivery last week.

Called the “Netflix for toys,” Sparkbox believes in providing children with the BEST of the best toys available–wooden, open-ended, and creative invitations to play! Thanks to their generous referral program, we earned a free month of play–AND they included a FREE Laurie Berkner CD in our box as a gift. I cannot say enough about their great service!

Lone Star Signers: Our 3rd awesome delivery from Sparkbox Toys, the "netflix for toys"

Once I created an account with Sparkbox Toys and started browsing the toys, my wish list quickly filled up! I love that we can customize the box for our children based on age or skill–the selection is incredible! (You can see our first and second boxes here.) We all know that children thrive on variety/novelty, and getting a new box of toys provides that for our girls. Not to mention that they learn to be gracious givers when it’s time for the toys to go to a new home. (Best of all, the toys come to us clean and sanitized! AWESOME!)

So what was in our latest box?

* Deconstruction Blocks–We received a set of 12 F blocks–I love the rainbow colors and all the fun ways we can play with them! (View this toy on Amazon.)

* Counting Snails–This toy has been so much fun for our 3-year-old! Since it’s a “mastery” toy, I’m glad that she has two months for trial and error–she’s already gotten pretty independent at putting the pieces together in order, reinforcing fine motor skills, numbers, and colors. (View this toy on Amazon.)

Lone Star Signers: Our 3rd awesome delivery from Sparkbox Toys, the "netflix for toys"

* Balance Boat–We love this open-ended toy–lots of different color combinations and fine-motor practice! Kate calls them “my snowmans” and enjoys carrying the pieces around in the yellow mesh bag. (View this toy on Amazon.)

* Car Layer Puzzle–This puzzle is admittedly too easy for Kate, but it’s small and portable. We use the puzzle pieces to talk about size and colors when we’re on the go! (View this toy on Amazon.)

Other toys shown: wooden people blocks and farm animals from Busy Farm

We highly recommend Sparkbox Toys–check out the website for yourself and see if there are any toys you think would catch your child’s eye!

**This is an unsponsored post. All opinions are my own. Amazon affiliate links are used, which means if you make a purchase, I will make a small commission at no cost to you. Referral link to Sparkbox Toys included–if you sign up, I will receive a free month from Sparkbox. (And then you can refer your friends!) View my disclosure policy here.**


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