What are you an expert at?

I had a flash of inspiration this afternoon! Driving in the car is one of my favorite things–typically, the girls are pretty patient if they have a book to read or a snack to eat, so I get to listen to a podcast or two. (Podcasts are awesome–like listening to the audiobook version of my favorite blogs.)

My favorite podcast is Elise Gets Crafty from the incredible Elise Cripe. The episode I listened to today (Episode 025: “using an e-newsletter effectively”) really got me thinking about who I am, what I love, and how I combined all of my passions to craft a unique small business!

But really, these thoughts go back a few days to an interesting conversation I had with the moms in attendance of my latest tot school workshop, including Jennifer from Jens2Cents. While discussing learning styles & interest-led studies, we talked about the seamless transition from individualized education to some pretty awesome careers. We’re fortunate to live in a culture that celebrates entrepreneurial endeavors, where many people either work from home or start their own businesses!

Jennifer mentioned that this idea is true in my own life as well. Who would have guessed fifteen years ago that my education, interests, and life experiences would fit together so seamlessly when I began Lone Star Signers? Who would have predicted that an elementary school teacher would have a preemie with a speech delay, fall in love with American Sign Language, and begin equipping parents through sign language classes, tot school workshops, and pre-planned unit studies? I sure didn’t!

I am so thankful for the Lone Star Signers community, full of parents following their own dreams, showing our children that our individual passions and strengths can be a part of something bigger! I am thankful for the moms who inspire me to use my passions to help others, like Colleen and Inga and Veronica, and many, many others…

We all are experts at something!

Share below: At this point in your life, what are you an expert at?
How can you use your passion to make a difference?


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