Thoughts on Homeschooling: End of 1st Quarter

We officially reached the end of our 1st quarter a few weeks ago! (Day 44 fell on September 24th, not too far off from my September 29th prediction.) I sat down on Friday with my lesson plan book and a blank report card to assess our progress so far.

Addie is doing so well with 1st grade, y’all. I cannot even believe how amazing her brain is; the amount of material that she memorizes in a week simply astounds me! And best of all, she actually remembers a large majority of topics she learns about!

Case in point: This week’s history sentence for Classical Conversations has to do with the Louisiana Purchase. On the way to our community day this morning, we were chatting a bit in the car. I wanted to tell her that Lewis & Clark traveled through Missouri, very close to the town where she was born. “I know, Mom…*inserts additional facts about their route and Sacajawea*!”

I know for a fact that we have never talked about westward exploration, but there is a Lewis & Clark book in her room. She read the book independently and remembered the details in our later conversation! (She does this all the time. She’s now my personal “remember-er” when I don’t have a calendar or piece of paper nearby.)


The report card I used focuses more on skills and work habits than grades. (Even as an adult, I appreciate hearing about my strengths and weaknesses rather than receiving a letter/grade.) It was important for me to grade myself as a teacher as well as Addie as a student. What’s working for us both? What can we try to improve in the next few months?

On Friday evening, my husband and I sat down on the couch and talked through the report card. Yes, Addie loves school and does well in most of her subjects, but there is room to grow–specifically in work habits like listening attentively and doing her best work. (That can be tricky when your best friend/classmate is three years old and playing in the next room.)

I realized I had not done any spelling practice with her–then she promptly spelled 10/10 words correctly on her first pre-test. So, we’ll be waiting on spelling until next year I think!

Addie wants to do well, and I am thankful that our first quarter of 1st grade went by smoothly. We’re looking forward to a relaxed fall–it appears that we’re on track to finish our first semester (88 days) by Thanksgiving. The plan is to enjoy cooler weather and focus on our main subjects in the afternoons…and read lots and lots of science/history books from the library!


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