San Antonio Treasures: Botanical Garden (giveaway)

Earlier this month, we were invited to visit the San Antonio Botanical Garden with other local blogging families. We received a swag bag and four General Admission passes, which we are giving away below.

When you hear the words “botanical garden,” what comes to your mind? Do you picture 38 acres of open space in the middle of our city, where children are encouraged to run free and connect with nature? (I certainly didn’t.) Do you think of oversized chairs and sculptures made out of LEGO pieces? (You should!)

San Antonio Botanical Garden #natureconnects

Since 1980, San Antonio Botanical Garden has inspired people to connect with the world of plants and understand the importance of plants in our lives. Open 362 days a year, the garden is a refuge for both individuals and families.

Our family enjoyed our first visit so much that we decided to purchase a family membership for just $65.  For less than $6 a month, our family can visit the garden any day of the week and enjoy special activities like BOOtanica. (See more upcoming events!)

Bootanica 2014 | Lone Star Signers at the San Antonio Botanical Garden

When you take your family to the San Antonio Botanical Garden, be sure to visit these areas:

1) The blue hammocks on the concert lawn. Take a moment to relax under the large trees with your family.

2) The Children’s Vegetable Garden. If you’re fortunate, families will be tending the fruits and vegetables and you can get a short tour. Our 1st grader was excited to see other children working and is looking forward to being old enough to join in the fun. (Read more here.)

3) The oversized chairs near Wisteria Arbor and Fountain Plaza. Not only are they a fun photo opportunity, your children also get to work their gross motor skills while climbing on and off!

4) The LEGO Build-It Zone in the Conservatory Palm Pavilion. After viewing the LEGO sculptures all around the garden, your children will be inspired to build their own creations. (Read a great interview about the current LEGO exhibit/artist Sean Kenney from Inga Cotton at San Antonio Charter Moms.)

Lone Star Signers at Botanical Garden

There are so many other areas we can’t wait to explore, like the East Texas Lake, amphitheater, and acequia. Hopefully, we’ll see your family around the San Antonio Botanical Garden this fall!

GIVEAWAY TIME: Click on this link for your chance to win four General Admission passes.
Giveaway ends on Friday, October 31st.


18 thoughts on “San Antonio Treasures: Botanical Garden (giveaway)

  1. It looks like your girls had a great time at Bootanica! I’m absolutely in love with the Botanical Garden – I think it is one of the best things the city has to offer. We bought a family membership as well and I love that every time we go there we discover something new. It is truly beautiful!

  2. Heading there tomorrow to check it out! I’m excited! Also I can’t help but notice there is another Katie who commented here that also has a little one named Micah. Lol small world! My Micah is too small to be building with Legos yet but someday… 😉

  3. The Botanical Gardens are one of my favorite places in the city! Sadly, we don’t go often enough. Glad you and the girls had fun this past weekend!!

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