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Today is my FAVORITE Signing Time SALE:
$10 DVDs!

When a family asks me which DVD I think they should pick, here is what I tell them:

If your family is brand new to signing, I recommend that you start with Signing Time volumes 1-3 (My First Signs, Playtime Signs, Everyday Signs) or Baby Signing Time (4 volumes) based on the age of your child. Both sets cover the most popular words/signs that a young child will use first and will give your family a strong foundation for signing success. (Note: We love our digital versions for learning on the go!)

Our Favorite Signing Time DVDs | Lone Star Signers * San Antonio, Texas

If you and your child have been signing for some time, these are my five favorites to watch with my own children :

1. Signing Time, Volume 10: My Day
My Day

2. Signing Time, Volume 10: My Neighborhood
My Neighborhood
3. Sing and Sign
Sing and Sign
4. ABC Signs
ABC Signs
5. Signing Time Series 2, Volume 3: Move and Groove
Move and Groove

Keep in mind that the San Antonio Public Library carries the entire Signing Time and Baby Signing Time series, and Netflix features several short clips from Signing Time Series 2. We also recommend that you sign up for the Two Little Hands digital subscription service, which is absolutely FREE for the first month! (NO commitment, cancel anytime!).

For a limited time:
Signing Time
Baby Signing Time
Potty Time
Rachel & the TreeSchoolers
Signing Time Christmas

Which Signing Time/Baby Signing Time DVD is YOUR favorite?

Please note: I am a Signing Time Academy Instructor and these are affiliate links. Our family has loved and purchased each of these DVDs for our own family and now recommend them to YOU. 🙂


One thought on “Our Favorite Signing Time DVDs | Lone Star Signers

  1. My Day is in our top 5 too. Every morning I sing “Hey, I'm awake! And I'm ready to start my day!” to Brynn…she loves it and sings along! We also love Move and Groove, Leah's Farm, My Favorite Things and ABC Signs. We LOVE the Silly Pizza Song too! – Faith

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