Thoughts on Homeschooling: End of 2nd Quarter

What a beautiful fall we had! I had originally hoped to finish our second quarter near the end of November, but we had so many lovely outside days to make up for the long summer. We officially wrap up the first half of first grade today, and I’m very glad to reach this milestone.

Lone Star Signers: Homeschooling Update Fall 2014 (1st grade & preschool)

Next week, our spring schedule will begin–we’re thrilled to continue with Classical Conversations for another twelve weeks, and we’ll be adding/dropping a few extracurricular activities from our weekly calendar. (More on our spring calendar and curriculum reviews coming soon.)

Our “at-home” school days consist of the following components:
* Saxon Math (level 1)
* Calendar
* Memory work review
* iPad time (current favorite apps can be found here and hereaffiliate links)
* First Language Lessons (level 1)
* Spelling You See: Jack & Jill

My current struggle with Addie’s work load is simply that so much of it requires me to sit with her, which can be tricky with a three-year-old and housework. If we’re focused, it can take less than two hours to complete everything, but it rarely happens that we work from beginning to end without breaks. (She needs them and so do I.) I’m going through my Teachers Pay Teachers downloads and creating short packets for her to complete independently during the day when she has a few minutes of wait time.

Lone Star Signers Homeschooling Update: 1st grade

Other subjects:

Addie has completely moved into chapter books (the “easy readers” were taking less than 20 minutes to zip through), so she’s enjoying Charlotte’s Web and Little House on the Prairie, along with a handful of picture books from the Mighty Girl booklist.

We learned more about animals in our science co-op this semester, and I’m looking forward to new science adventures in the spring!

Addie and I have both memorized all the states & capitals, plus we can correctly identify them all on a blank map! (I somehow missed this milestone as a child.) The rest of the year focuses on U.S. geographical landmarks, so we’ll focus on learning the names of mountain ranges/rivers and their general area. It’s quite clear that we’ll not reach Memory Master this year, and I’m okay with that!

Preschool Update:

Kate is not a toddler anymore! Our precious girl is growing up, and I’m enjoying this fun learning stage. She plays independently so well; I’m amazed at her creativity and open-ended fun while Addie and I sit at the table. Her favorite things are dress-up and imaginative play. She’s very interested in letter sounds and building words with magnets. She can read her name, Addie, Mom, Dad, most of the color words (brown sometimes trips her up), and many animal names (cat, dog, cow). She also knows all of her numbers up to 20 and can skip-count/recite math facts that she’s heard from Addie. I’ve started setting aside pre-K work for next year–I’m confident she’ll be ready by her fourth birthday!


One thought on “Thoughts on Homeschooling: End of 2nd Quarter

  1. Very helpful! I LOVE homeschooling my girls and wish we could have done it sooner. I’ll be sharing this with a relative who has young kids whom she’s considering homeschooling.

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