Our Favorite Toys: Teaching Colors to Toddlers & Preschoolers

It’s been nearly a year since we started our toy rotation system, and I still love it! After Christmas, I rearranged the girls’ closet, adding in a tall bookshelf and stacking all our IKEA Trofast tubs next to it for more storage. I feel like our toy stash is *very* nearly complete for this age/stage that we’re in right now!

Weekly signing classes started back up this week, and our first theme was COLORS. I love to teach colors first because we sing the Rainbow Song in every class, and because colors are an easy way to start building two and three word phrases with young children. “Yellow banana, please.” “Want red shoes!”

Our Favorite Toys for Teaching Colors to Toddlers and Preschoolers | Lone Star Signers

In preparation for this week’s classes and corresponding homeschool theme, I pulled out our favorite toys that help teach/reinforce colors. (Please remember that this blog uses affiliate links, but all opinions are my own.)

  • Bristle blocks are great for building and imaginative play. It’s easy to reinforce colors with this fun toy: “Please pass the orange block.”
  • Magnetic fishing puzzles are a great way to build hand-eye coordination! I also wrote the color word (using colored markers) on the inside of the puzzle board to add a literacy component.
  • Busy Farm and Tac-Tiles are two of our FAVORITE Discovery Toys products. The animals are perfect for sorting, patterning, and counting; Tac-Tiles are great for building hand strength as your child pushes the pieces in and out, plus they’re great for older children to practice tracing.
  • The caterpillar gear puzzle is great for young toddlers to learn about cause and effect!
  • Our xylophone has been a favorite toy for years!
  • Jumbo magnetic letters are great for building words–and as a bonus, this set comes in rainbow colors! (My girls use this “chip and dip” container from Dollar Tree to sort all of their rainbow manipulatives.)

Simple Tot Tray: Colors | Lone Star Signers

Simple tot tray activity: grab a container full of colored pom-poms and a scooper (a teaspoon/tablespoon from your kitchen set would work perfectly) and help your child sort by color into a muffin tin. * Be sure to monitor for pom-poms in the mouth! 

What is your favorite toy for teaching colors?

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3 thoughts on “Our Favorite Toys: Teaching Colors to Toddlers & Preschoolers

  1. I recently created color-themed sensory bottles using a different “VOSS” bottle for each of the colors of the rainbow. Love your ideas here as well, thanks for sharing.

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