Discovery Toys Marbleworks: Get Building!

I am a Discovery Toys Educational Consultant, so this post includes a direct link to my shop. It’s a chilly, rainy week here in San Antonio. My girls–so used to our daily outside time–are getting a bit stir-crazy! I typically set up a fun “invitation to play” after nap/rest time each day, so I decided to surprise my girls with an extra-special treat yesterday: Marbleworks! Get Building with Marbleworks! * Marbleworks is a new toy for our family. Since the recommended age is 5+, I’ve been trying to hold off until Kate’s 4th birthday–but the weather just isn’t cooperating! Both of my girls love to build, so Marbleworks is a great cooperative experience for our entire family. We start from the bottom and build up, making sure to save the Split Track and Start Gate for the very top. We talk about colors with Kate (3.5) and Addie (6.5) builds fine-motor strength in putting the pieces together. All the while, our girls are getting real STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education) experience:

  • The variety and number of pieces allow for an insane about of combinations. (Pascal’s Triangle, anyone?)
  • Building promotes spatial reasoning and logical planning.
  • Children are able to predict which track will be faster and make correct adjustments to support their theory.
  • Plus, it’s fun for kids and adults, so our entire family can have fun together (until *someone* gets too competitive…)

Marbleworks Review from Discovery Toys & Lone Star Signers Keeping this one packed away for special occasions definitely helps keep the mystique!

Marbleworks Ultra Deluxe Set
Marbleworks Deluxe Set
Marbleworks Starter Set (shown)
Marbleworks Add-On Set
Marbleworks Wild Ride (shown)
Marbleworks Crank It Up

Don’t forget: Discovery Toys has an incredible warranty policy for all of their toys and offers replacement pieces! I know many families who still have their original 20+ year old Marbleworks set–so I’m looking forward to years of fun with ours.


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