Favorite Books for Toddlers: Liesbet Slegers

Favorite Books for Toddlers: Liesbet Slegers

Are you looking for new books to read (over and over again) to your toddler? Today, I wanted to share one of my daughter’s favorite authors with you–Liesbet Slegers!

Ms. Slegers has written a bunch of adorable toddler-friendly books about simple, real-life experiences like eating a meal, playing with toys, going to the doctor, etc. Many of the books feature characters named Kevin and Katie (“Karel and Kaatje” in the original Dutch), which makes my own Katie very happy.

We frequently check out Slegers’ books from the library and we’ve bought quite a few for our own collection, as well. Here are a few of our favorites:

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I have read Katie Goes to the Doctor every day for the past nine weeks. Kate has the entire text memorized, including words like temperature, concerned, ache, liquids, and pharmacist. She’s really sad that it’s time for the book to go back to the library, but we’ve run out of renewals! I guess it’s time to pick a new Liesbet Slegers book off the shelf. 😉

What author does your child love?

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Favorite Books for Toddlers: Liesbet Slegers


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