Toy Rotation #2

Well, we are truly enjoying our simple summer! The girls and I have been sleeping in, reading lots of books, doing exercise videos together (since it’s too dang hot to go outside–and now it’s raining!), and diving deep into creative play. I’ve been making an effort to read more during the day while the girls play around me–I want them to see that reading for pleasure continues long past childhood! (Today I’m reading the Breathe study by Priscilla Shirer and Second Chance Summer.)

Yesterday afternoon, I pulled out our red, white, and blue manipulatives (beads, lacing buttons, pom poms, and gems) for the girls to use in their free-play time. I’m hoping to whip up a simple batch of white playdoh tomorrow for them to enjoy.

Kate “helped” me rotate the rest of the toys this morning. Addie asked me to leave the Lincoln Logs out for another week, so we added our IKEA train set to add a new dimension to their play. (They’ve also added two small dolls from their recent visit to the dentist office.)

See what we're playing with! Toy Rotation Tuesday #2 with Lone Star Signers!

Reminder: Lone Star Signers uses affiliate links, which means I may receive a small compensation if you purchase something through these links. This post is unsponsored and all opinions are my own.

Here’s what the girls are playing with this week, in addition to their toy kitchen in their room:

See what we're playing with! Toy Rotation Tuesday #2 with Lone Star Signers!

gems, pom poms, pony beads | lacing buttons
IKEA train set | Lincoln Logs
rhyming puzzle | United States puzzle (similar)
not shown: UNO cards, Unifix cubes


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