Toy Talk: Investing in Quality Materials

It’s no secret that I love toys! In addition to our expansive Discovery Toys collection, we also love to browse our favorite local toy store and the DoSeum gift shop for more #learningthroughplay fun!

One of the parent concerns I hear most frequently is the COST of quality toys. Here are five reasons why I don’t let price get in the way of great, educational products:

  1. Toys are part of our homeschooling curriculum. We frequently use our Unifix cubes, wooden blocks, and Busy Farm animals for hands-on math play.
  2. Learning on the go is important to us, especially when we travel.
  3. I factor in “cost per play.” We’ve had our Measure Up! Cups for five years ($3/year or 25¢/month) and we can look forward to at least a decade of fun with our Marbleworks set ($9.70/year or 81¢/month)!
  4. Less is more! Children don’t need a large quantity of commercial/plastic toys, but rather open-ended products that can be used in a variety of play scenarios.
  5. Toys are my splurge area. Some families spend money on extracurricular activities, special trips, or name-brand clothes–but play is important to our family!

Here’s a checklist I made to remind me of my priorities when I am shopping for toys:

Our toy-shopping checklist! Investing in quality materials matters to us.
What are your thoughts about buying quality materials?


I love your comments, and try to reply back here!

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