2015 5-star Books!

It’s been a great year for reading! I have been on Goodreads since February 2014, and it’s fascinating to see my trends over the past two years (and remember which books I’ve already read!).

2015 5-star books (550)

To wrap up the year,  I thought it would be fun to share which books received 5-star reviews from me. (Just a friendly reminder that Lone Star Signers does use affiliate links at no additional cost to you. But I’m all about the library–FREE books!)


  • Nurture By Nature
  • Teaching From Rest
  • Sign to Learn
  • In This House, We Will Giggle
  • The Whole-Brain Child


  • Love That Dog

  • The Handmade Alphabet

  • A River of Words

  • Betsy-Tacy


  • The Sea of Tranquility

  • If I Stay/Where She Went

  • The Martian

  • Second Chance Summer

  • The Amish Nanny

  • The Calling of Ella McFarland

  • Lizzy and Jane

(Please note that I read a variety of genres, and some of the books listed above may include scenes of intimacy or swearing. Feel free to skip my fiction recommendations if those things bother you.)

What are your top books of the year? I’m always looking for recommendations!


One thought on “2015 5-star Books!

  1. I’m loving the sound of the “In This House We Giggle” book. I read the Ascendence Trilogy and could not put them down. They are the best examples of multi-book story-telling I’ve read in a very long time. I also recently finished “The Neverending Story” which was not what I expected and so much more than I had imagined.

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