Are you getting the MOST from your local library?

I’m always surprised when someone tells me that they don’t have a library card or that they have one and don’t ever use it! Our family LOVES to visit the library–we’re there practically every day. (In fact, you can probably guess where I’m typing this post from…)

I am truly #addictedtothelibrary! 🙂


Here are FIVE tips to get the most from YOUR local library:

  1. Get a library card for every member of your family and use it often to check out books, DVDs, CDs, and more. The library in our new town even checks out CAKE PANS for budding pastry chefs!
  2. Participate in special events like storytime and concerts, and consider joining the “Friends of the Library” program to have a say in what is available in your local branch! Get to know your librarian and ask for specific recommendations for your little ones and yourself. They want to help!
  3. Ask if your library has a hold system. At the San Antonio Public Library, I could request up to 25 books (per card) from any branch–they would all be brought to whichever branch I specified for me, waiting on a shelf for when we could stop by! This was a lifesaver when my girls were really little and running errands took three times as long–I could ask my husband to pick up all of our books on his way home from work.
  4. Check out e-books, e-audiobooks, and even magazines ONLINE from your computer, tablet, or phone! I still prefer paper books whenever possible, but sometimes I’m in a hurry and want to check out a sequel to a book without leaving the house. We also enjoy listening to e-audiobooks in the car using the iPad plugged into our speakers. (Henry Huggins is our current favorite!)
  5. Download songs legally using Freegal. Before you buy something from iTunes, check to see if you can get it FREE from your library! (Download a FREE cheat sheet with our FAVORITE songs for the entire family here and see last week’s post about creating a custom playlist for your little ones.)

I’m sure there are lots more resources that the library offers—I’d love to hear your favorites!


I love your comments, and try to reply back here!

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