Our NEW Homeschooling Space

We’ve been in our new home for six weeks now, and today I’m excited to share a tour of our homeschooling space! The girls and I love having a dedicated place downstairs in the basement for all of our learning materials, though using the “dining room” in our previous apartment met our needs for several years!

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We bought a few new pieces of furniture from Target (three of these and the two white bookshelves we already had) in order to really spread out. The girls are mature enough that I don’t feel the need to limit/rotate toys on a weekly basis anymore, though some of the larger items are stored in their clothes closet upstairs.

These three shelves below are where the majority of Kate’s preschool items are held. The totes hold various sensory bin items and manipulatives like buttons, Unifix cubes, pom poms, etc.


The two shelves on the far right are where Addie’s chapter books and math items are kept. She also has a shelf for all of her textbooks so items can be grabbed easily and stored when not in use. Our large globe is hanging from a hook in the old-school “foam” tile ceiling.


Both of the black IKEA desks have been around for several years–Kate’s has been sitting in storage in our previous apartment, but she decided she wanted to have a desk of her own when we moved in.They each keep a plastic shoebox full of school supplies (crayons, pencils, markers, scissors, glue stick, etc.) sitting on the edge of the their desks, which makes it easy for both girls to work independently.

Addie also has a large copy-paper box full of paper, ribbon, material, etc., so she can often be found “crafting” at her desk when we aren’t doing schoolwork.

These windows look out on our backyard/side-yard, where we get lots of mid-day sun. This room is definitely the brightest and most cheerful place to be!


Our school calendar area (similar) can be found in this little nook by the door. There’s also a large bookshelf filled with more toys tucked against the stairwell.


Kate loves to jump on the trampoline during the day, and she also has the neatest little play house that my mother-in-law made to fit over a card table.


Having a dedicated learning space down in the basement has made a big difference for our homeschool productivity! We still have a few more finishing touches to put on the rest of the house–I can’t wait to share more pictures with you soon!


5 thoughts on “Our NEW Homeschooling Space

  1. such a fun room, love the little colorful rug 😉 We just downsized from a very big house with a huge school room to a smaller house with just a small loft as school room area. The struggle is real and i go back and forth on what i want.. agh its crazy lol. Love all the open bins, great for the kids to see it all and reach for it !!

    • We go back and forth between doing school in our designated area and sitting at the dining room table…it really just depends on what else needs to be done at the moment! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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