Saving Posts on Facebook | Tech Tips from Lone Star Signers

Raise your hand if you’re on Facebook.

Keep your hand raised if you know how to create interest lists. (If not, click right here to read my last tech tip post about how to keep all of your similar “liked” pages together.) Personally, I have an interest list for my favorite bloggers, other Signing Time Academy instructors, and one for all the best tot school/preschool/homeschool pages out there. Note: the “Pages and Public Figures” list appears to be a default list from Facebook.

Save time and never miss another post from your favorite Facebook pages, using interest lists! [Tech Tips from Lone Star Signers]

Extra credit: do you know how to save posts you want to read/look at later? Read on for step-by-step instructions!

  • Go ahead and open up Facebook in another tab.
  • Scroll down your newsfeed until you come across a post or video that you’d like to look at later. (I often do this when I get on Facebook for the first time in the morning. I don’t have 20 minutes to catch up on things that might have been posted earlier, but it’s typically the time of day that bloggers share their best content.)

Saving Posts on Facebook | Tech Tips from Lone Star Signers

  • In the upper right hand, there’s a small grey arrow. Click on it for a full menu of options. Choose Save link.

Saving Posts on Facebook | Tech Tips from Lone Star Signers

  • Facebook will remember all the posts, videos, and images that you have saved and keep them all together (organized chronologically) in a tab called “Saved” in the left-hand column. When you click on the tab, this screen appears:

Saving Posts on Facebook | Tech Tips from Lone Star Signers

  • As you can tell from my screenshot, I really enjoy this tool. (262 saved items, wow!) It’s nice because I can usually go back and share a post on my personal wall, my business page, in one of the groups I participate in, or send via PM to one of my friends/clients who I know will appreciate it. It’s much faster than opening the post, pinning it, and then remembering to go back and find it later–it’s all kept inside Facebook, which saves me a lot of time.
  • If you click on the title of the post, the blog post (or YouTube video) will open in another tab. If you click on the “saved from” link in the bottom right corner, it will take you to the Facebook page you saved it from, or you can just click directly on the “share” button on the left.

I hope today’s Tech Tip was helpful for you!
If so, I’d love for you to leave a comment or share it with a friend. 

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