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Signing Time Digital Subscription: Learning on the Go!

Our girls don’t get a lot of screen time during the week, but we do find that a little bit of technology can be a wonderful tool for homeschooling (library books via Kindle, educational apps for the girls). We even got the Purple:Player app when we realized we could download Signing Time DVDs directly to our computer/tablet.

When we flew to California in September 2012, Kate watched this free 13-minute Signing Time video several times on the airplane. When the time change had us up two hours before the rest of the hotel, Signing Time came to our rescue!

Signing Time on Vacation, thanks to the Purple Player App!
I always pack books and snacks in the girls’ backpacks as our first defense against boredom, but occasionally, we have a long wait or a weekend trip in a hotel room, that’s when we bring out the iPad.

NEW: Two Little Hands Digital Subscriptions (& Giveaway!) | Lone Star Signers, San Antonio, Texas

Two Little Hands products teach my children colors, numbers, letters, and more (potty training! photosynthesis!) while supporting the concepts of family, friendship, and diversity. I was a satisfied, loyal Signing Time customer years before I joined the Signing Time Academy–and their products just keep getting better.
NEW: Two Little Hands Digital Subscriptions (& Giveaway!) | Lone Star Signers, San Antonio, Texas

When Netflix added Signing Time clips we were very excited. Many of the clips are from DVDs we don’t already own, so a little variety is always nice. But when Signing Time announced their NEW Digital Subscription plan, I knew it was the better option for OUR family.

Unlike Hulu or Netflix, the Signing Time Digital Subscription plan gives FULL, instant access to the ENTIRE Two Little Hands library (46 videos and hundreds of mp3s) even when you’re not connected to the Internet–an entire year’s subscription for the price of FIVE new DVDs! (It’s also super-easy to stream/cast to your TV using SigningTime.TV!)

NEW: Two Little Hands Digital Subscriptions (& Giveaway!) | Lone Star Signers, San Antonio, Texas

Lone Star Signers wants each of you to have the opportunity to TRY Signing Time “on the go” with a free download from Purple:Player. You can find the super-simple step-by-step instructions for getting your FREE download here.

If you’re ready to try the digital subscription right now, be sure to use the code sign99 to get your first month for just 99¢!

Try the All-Access Digital Subscription NOW!
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