Homeschool Preschool: Resources for You

I’ve been teaching preschool at home the past four years. 

We started homeschooling our older daughter when her baby sister was born–it didn’t make sense (for our family) to pack up a newborn twice a day for Mother’s Day Out drop-off and pick-up. We decided to try doing school at home for a year, and it’s been the perfect fit for our family schedule! Now here we are four years later, getting ready for a second child’s pre-Kindergarten year (and 2nd grade for Addie).

Because I was an elementary school teacher before having children, I have lots of experience with planning lessons and personalizing learning activities for children of all ages. But I firmly believe that all parents are qualified to teach their own children! (See this earlier post for my thoughts on homeschool qualifcations.)

Homeschool Resources (small)

Parents choose homeschool preschool for a variety of reasons–here are some resources to help you get started!

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I also love to equip new homeschool parents through our Tot School Workshops! We offer online workshops once a month for families who are interested in learning more about doing preschool at home. Please let me know how I can help you find the best resources for your family!

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Thinking about doing preschool at home with your little ones? Check out these resources from Lone Star Signers!