Happy Earth Day! ASL and Activities

Signing Time: HAPPY

EARTH, as signed by Dr. Bill Vicars from lifeprint.com

EARTH, as signed by Dr. Bill Vicars from lifeprint.com

Signing Time: DAY

Happy Earth Day from Lone Star Signers!

We have been spending a lot of time outdoors this month: taking nature walks around our neighborhood, walking to and from the town library, and exploring the nearby lake. Both girls have been making daily entries in a nature journal (4-year-old draws a picture, 7-year-old draws a picture and writes a paragraph) and watching spring slowly blossom here in the Midwest.

Teaching our Children to Love the Earth from lonestarsigners.com

We are learning about local birds, trees, and flowers that share our space and participating in a Nature Pal Exchange with another family in Minnesota.

The girls and I look forward to our daily walks; we have a great opportunity for real conversation while looking for small changes in our natural environment. We’re also growing sunflowers in indoor pots, so the girls get to take ownership and learn about taking care of living things.

Of course, we’ll be doing a few fun activities to celebrate Earth Day (check out our Pinterest board), but I want my daughters to love the Earth every day!

And now, some of our favorite Earth-related resources (affiliate links, natch…thanks for supporting us!):

RTS-Extraordinary Earth

Explorer's Set 2


Happy Earth Day! ASL and Activities

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Preschool at Home: Spring

St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone, so we are moving on to celebrating the arrival of spring! We’ve heard it’s already in the 90s in San Antonio, but here in Iowa…well, let’s just say that it snowed at our Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday morning. 🙂

Our adorable little town has a thing for tulips, so we’re starting to see them peek up  all around town, from the library to the main square! (We even have a few coming up in the flower bed in our front yard…)

Every day, we take a nature walk around our neighborhood to see what’s changing. The trees and shrubs are still mostly bare, but a few of our neighbors have small buds appearing on their trees. After experiencing our first real winter (and snow on March 19th!), anticipating spring’s arrival seems extra-fun this year!


The girls and I are planning a handful of “preschool at home” activities for the next few weeks. Plastic Easter eggs are a MUST! 🙂

Your little one can match up tops and bottoms (upper/lowercase letters or numerals & dots), unscramble letter tiles to build words, or practice counting to 12 using an empty egg-carton!

This year, we even took our eggs outside for some gross-motor practice! Both girls enjoyed chucking them at a plastic bowl in the driveway. 🙂

Rainbow-Playdough-Invitation (3 of 4)

Of course, my girls love it when we make homemade playdough. This rainbow playdough invitation is one of their favorites!

We have a lot more Spring Fun planned for the next few weeks! You can download our $5 Spring Tot School Unit with more than 40 simple learning activities, available now through April 14th.

Little Learners Spring Unit March 2016-Available


Our favorite toys, books, and videos for talking about spring:
(Click on the image for a direct link–keep in mind that Lone Star Signers does use affiliate links at no additional cost to you.)

  • Spring Joy by Liesbet Slegers
  • Mouse’s First Spring by Lauren Thompson

  • Magnetic fishing puzzles from Melissa & Doug

  • Sidewalk chalk

  • Life Cycle of a Butterfly Puzzle from Discovery Toys

Monarch Butterfly-300

  • Baby Signing Time, Volume 3: It’s a New Day


  • Rachel and the Treeschoolers: Plants & Flowers

RTS-Plants and Flowers(300)

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What are your favorite activities to celebrate spring with your little ones?

November 2015 Events | San Antonio, TX


We have so many fun activities coming up this month! Click on any event for more details–and as always, feel free to e-mail me (melissad@signingtimeacademy.com) or visit us on Facebook!

Sunday, November 8th: LAST day to register for our November/December classes! (details)

Fall Schedule2

Wednesday, November 11th: NEW session of signing classes starts (weekly classes on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays)

Tot School Workshop-November 2015

Saturday, November 14th: Parent Workshop–Introduction to Tot School (details)

Fall Appreciation Party

Saturday, November 14th: Fall Appreciation Party (details)

Sign-and-Stroll (final)

Thursday, November 19th: Sign & Stroll Event at Yanaguana Gardens (details)

Signing with Science-December

Thursday, December 3rd: Signing with Science–Awesome Animals (details)

Signing Success Story #12

Signing Success Story #12

Are y’all just loving this cooler weather? I even spied some fall leaves on the trees!

I first met Lena and her family last fall. Over the past ten months, they have faithfully attended weekly signing classes and all of our Tot School workshops, and I’ve watched their sweet baby girl grow from an infant to an inquisitive toddler. What a joy it is to share a bit of their story with you today!

* Child’s name and age:

Arielena, 14 months

* When and why did you start signing with your child?

We started with Mrs. Melissa and Lone Star Signers when she was 5 months old. My family and I started learning signs as soon as we began the classes and although Lena didn’t sign until she was 11 months old, we know she was soaking up all the signs and retaining the info until she could use them. Once she hit 1 year old, she blossomed so quickly signing everything from tree to papa. As of now she knows cracker, water, all done, more, dog, daddy, friend, ready, diaper, and a few more.

* How has signing made a difference in your family?

We are not only proud of her but it also gives us a sense of ease knowing she can tell us what she wants without a temper tantrum. They still exist (temper tantrums) but I know they are not as bad as they could be. As a mommy, I have also decided to go back to school to become an ASL interpreter, and I will continue signing with her forever. I want her to be fluent in the language.

Signing Success Story #12: Lena* What would you tell a friend interested in signing with their child?

For other mommies and daddies contemplating beginning your signing journey with your little one, I would say, “Do It!” It is so rewarding to see your baby flourish in the language. Not only can they start communicating with you, but they are learning a second language and jumping into using those fine motor skills.

We are thankful everyday we found Mrs. Melissa, she is not only our Bean’s teacher, she is also our friend!

* * * * *

Thank you, Stephanie, for sharing a bit of your family’s story with us! We are so thankful for your family and your support of Lone Star Signers. I can’t wait to see you soar in your ASL classes this spring!

* * * * *

We are always happy to have NEW families join us, too! Join us for our next Sign & Stroll event–a fall field trip San Antonio Botanical Garden on October 22nd.

Join Lone Star Signers for a fall field trip!

* * * * *

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