Signing Success Story #12

Signing Success Story #12

Are y’all just loving this cooler weather? I even spied some fall leaves on the trees!

I first met Lena and her family last fall. Over the past ten months, they have faithfully attended weekly signing classes and all of our Tot School workshops, and I’ve watched their sweet baby girl grow from an infant to an inquisitive toddler. What a joy it is to share a bit of their story with you today!

* Child’s name and age:

Arielena, 14 months

When and why did you start signing with your child?

We started with Mrs. Melissa and Lone Star Signers when she was 5 months old. My family and I started learning signs as soon as we began the classes and although Lena didn’t sign until she was 11 months old, we know she was soaking up all the signs and retaining the info until she could use them. Once she hit 1 year old, she blossomed so quickly signing everything from tree to papa. As of now she knows cracker, water, all done, more, dog, daddy, friend, ready, diaper, and a few more.

* How has signing made a difference in your family?

We are not only proud of her but it also gives us a sense of ease knowing she can tell us what she wants without a temper tantrum. They still exist (temper tantrums) but I know they are not as bad as they could be. As a mommy, I have also decided to go back to school to become an ASL interpreter, and I will continue signing with her forever. I want her to be fluent in the language.

Signing Success Story #12: Lena* What would you tell a friend interested in signing with their child?

For other mommies and daddies contemplating beginning your signing journey with your little one, I would say, “Do It!” It is so rewarding to see your baby flourish in the language. Not only can they start communicating with you, but they are learning a second language and jumping into using those fine motor skills.

We are thankful everyday we found Mrs. Melissa, she is not only our Bean’s teacher, she is also our friend!

* * * * *

Thank you, Stephanie, for sharing a bit of your family’s story with us! We are so thankful for your family and your support of Lone Star Signers. I can’t wait to see you soar in your ASL classes this spring!

* * * * *

We are always happy to have NEW families join us, too! Join us for our next Sign & Stroll event–a fall field trip San Antonio Botanical Garden on October 22nd.

Join Lone Star Signers for a fall field trip!

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Fall Field Trip to the San Antonio Botanical Garden!

Sign Language Field Trip in San Antonio {Lone Star Signers}

Kate reading her Baby Signing Time flashcards at the San Antonio Botanical Garden last fall.

Join us at the San Antonio Botanical Garden on October 22nd!

Fall is finally here, which means the leaves are changing color and pumpkins are everywhere. One of our favorite places to be in autumn is the San Antonio Botanical Garden, so we’re planning a Lone Star Signers FIELD TRIP!

The new exhibit “BIG GARDEN Little Me” opens on October 3rd and we’ll also do a few laps around the East Texas Pineywoods “pond” and look at all the scarecrows. Bring your camera–there are a ton of great photo opportunities!

Pre-registration preferred, but drop-ins are also welcome! ($5/family) PLEASE NOTE that registering for the field trip does NOT cover your entry fee to the garden. 

SABOT Field Trip

I want to start signing with my kids; now what?

Congratulations–signing with your children is a GREAT decision! (See a great list of benefits here and here!) However, unless you grew up signing or you took American Sign Language classes in high school or college, it can be a tricky language to start learning.

Please note that Lone Star Signers uses affiliate links at no additional cost to you. I only recommend items that we have personally used and loved.

Resources to help you get started learning American Sign Language (ASL) with your children from Lone Star Signers!

My favorite resource to start is the Baby Signing Time and Signing Time DVDs. I am a visual learner, so seeing the sign (versus reading a written description) is the best way for me to learn! You can check out these DVDs for free from your library or stream them digitally on your TV/tablet/phone with a monthly subscription to SigningTime.TV. (Tip: use the code sign99 at checkout to get your first month for just 99¢!)

Signing Time also sells books, flashcards, and posters on their website!

Another great resource for learning new signs is the Internet! We love to use and to look up new signs. Signing Time has a great dictionary available on their website AND on their free app.

Melissa Droegemueller of Lone Star Signers, San Antonio, TX

We would also love to have your family join us for weekly signing classes and extra events! Our focus at Lone Star Signers is on families with young children, birth-5 years old.

If you are looking for more advanced ASL resources for children older than age 5, stay tuned for the release of the NEW Signing Time Sentences coming later this fall! Several San Antonio area high schools and colleges also offer American Sign Language courses–I recommend you contact the department head for information about private lessons/tutoring.

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Please let me know how I can assist your family get started signing today!

Signing Success Story #11

Signing Success StoryToday’s signing story is about a pair of brothers who have been part of our Lone Star Signers community for about a year. I LOVE having sibling sets attend class together because each child learns differently. I think sometimes it’s easier for parents to be consistent in signing with their younger children when there’s an older child (or two) to help. Watching these two boys grow, learn, and giggle together has been a real treat!

* Child’s name and age:

Baker (4 years old) and Brady (22 months)

When and why did you start signing with your child?

We started signing with Baker so we could communicate with him before he started talking.  Brady ended up learning so much in the class!!  He has been one of the biggest influences on Baker’s learning since he loves to watch Big Brother.

Signing Success Story #11 | Lone Star Signers

Baker signs BLUE!

* How has signing made a difference in your family?

Baker can easily communicate his needs without knowing how to say the actual words yet.  Attending classes also created a special time of fun for my boys and I to laugh and play completely uninterrupted.  I also made some new friends along the way!!

* What would you tell a friend interested in signing with their child?

It might seem like signing isn’t working with them, but give each child time and you will be surprised by the results.  If nothing else, everyone has fun, which is really what childhood is all about.

* * * * *

Thank you, Katie, for sharing a bit of your family’s story with us. We love having you and the boys in our community!

* * * * *

We are always happy to have NEW families join us, too! Join us for our next Sign & Stroll event on September 24th.

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Signing Success Story #10

Signing Success StoryIn the past 3.5 years, we have had over 60 children graduate from our signing programs–each family has their own special story to tell!

Today, we are happy to share Delia’s story with all of you. Delia and her parents first started attending our signing classes in the spring of 2014, and I have delighted in watching her grow into a confident young preschooler! Delia’s mom, Ashley, is a great writer, and I’m so thankful that she shared her insights with us. (Be sure to read this post, too!)

Child’s name and age:

Delia (2 years old)

When and why did you start signing with your child?

I love language, so ASL had a natural allure for me. I’d heard signing with babies could help us communicate earlier than we might otherwise be able to. I’d also heard that better communication can cut down on tantrums. So it was a natural fit.

* How has signing made a difference in your family?Signing-Success-Story-10

When Delia was very young, she could sign long before she could talk, so we’ve had very few communication problems. As she learned to talk, sometimes I couldn’t understand what she’d say. I’d ask her if she had a sign for what she wanted to say, and she usually did, so I could figure out what she wanted. For example, one morning I thought she was trying to tell me something about “chips,” but I didn’t understand what she meant. I asked if she had a sign for it, and she signed “church.” So we were on the same page again. 🙂

She also has learned to speak very well at a very early age. I don’t know whether signing contributed to her speech success, but I know it didn’t hurt. Some people had expressed concern that sign language might hinder her speech, but she proved them wrong.

* What would you tell a friend interested in signing with their child?

DO IT! Learning a brand new language is intimidating, but even learning just a few signs that a kid would use regularly (more, milk, water, ball, etc.) is very easy. If it prevented even one temper tantrum, it was well worth the effort for us.

* * * * *

Thank you, Ashley, for sharing a bit of your family’s story with us. I have learned so much from you, and I’m glad you’re part of our community!

* * * * *

We are always happy to have NEW families join us, too! Registration for our September/October session ends tomorrow evening. See all the details here.

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