Rachel and the Treeschoolers: Extraordinary Earth


When it comes to homeschool science for my 4- and 7-year-old girls, all three of us LOVE the show Rachel and the Treeschoolers, created by the makers of Signing Time. Nine episodes have been released so far, and they all come with FREE activity guides to extend the learning.

Several months ago, we helped with the activity guide for Episode 8: Extraordinary Earth.


Ep. 8 Extraordinary Earth
(Affiliate link to the digital download)
When Chroma Chameleon discovers that her cousin’s habitat is endangered, the TreeSchoolers naturally want to help. With Rachel’s guidance, they discover that there are lots of things they can do to take care of our Earth! Along the way, they learn about

  • Months of the year
  • Seasons of the year
  • Geological formations
  • Natural resources
  • The seven continents
  • Conservation and recycling
  • Being an everyday hero

Our girls created a “handy craft” showing a tree during each of the four seasons. This month, I’d like to work on some of the other activities found in the guide. Spring seems like a wonderful time to celebrate our EXTRAORDINARY Earth!


Download your free guide today!

Our Favorite Signing Time DVDs | Lone Star Signers

Today is my FAVORITE Signing Time SALE:
$10 DVDs!

When a family asks me which DVD I think they should pick, here is what I tell them:

If your family is brand new to signing, I recommend that you start with Signing Time volumes 1-3 (My First Signs, Playtime Signs, Everyday Signs) or Baby Signing Time (4 volumes) based on the age of your child. Both sets cover the most popular words/signs that a young child will use first and will give your family a strong foundation for signing success. (Note: We love our digital versions for learning on the go!)

Our Favorite Signing Time DVDs | Lone Star Signers * San Antonio, Texas

If you and your child have been signing for some time, these are my five favorites to watch with my own children :

1. Signing Time, Volume 10: My Day
My Day

2. Signing Time, Volume 10: My Neighborhood
My Neighborhood
3. Sing and Sign
Sing and Sign
4. ABC Signs
ABC Signs
5. Signing Time Series 2, Volume 3: Move and Groove
Move and Groove

Keep in mind that the San Antonio Public Library carries the entire Signing Time and Baby Signing Time series, and Netflix features several short clips from Signing Time Series 2. We also recommend that you sign up for the Two Little Hands digital subscription service, which is absolutely FREE for the first month! (NO commitment, cancel anytime!).

For a limited time:
Signing Time
Baby Signing Time
Potty Time
Rachel & the TreeSchoolers
Signing Time Christmas

Which Signing Time/Baby Signing Time DVD is YOUR favorite?

Please note: I am a Signing Time Academy Instructor and these are affiliate links. Our family has loved and purchased each of these DVDs for our own family and now recommend them to YOU. 🙂

Classical Conversations Cycle 3: The Amazing Human Body

Note: Affiliate links are used for your convenience. Both of these products were purchased by our family to supplement our science lessons. This is not a sponsored post; all opinions are my own!

As I’ve mentioned here a time or two, our 1st grader is enjoying the Classical Conversations Foundations program. This year, we’re in Cycle 3, which includes U.S. History/Geography and human anatomy along with math facts, timeline, fine arts, and more.

Our family has been enjoying a few additional anatomy resources along with our CC memory work, so I wanted to share them with you.

Rachel and the Treeschoolers: The Amazing Human BodyRachel and the Treeschoolers (the new series from the incredible company behind Signing Time) just released a new episode entitled The Amazing Human Body! Our girls (3 and 6) love the music and fun of each Treeschoolers episode, and I love that my “not-quite-old-enough for CC” child is learning about the body right alongside her older sister.

Kate’s two favorite songs are “Simon Says” and “Five Senses”, while Addie loves to sing “My Amazing Body.” Best of all, we have the episode downloaded to our iPad for learning on the go.

Preview the episode here:

You can purchase the new episode digitally here for just $14.99 or get the DVD/CD pack here for $21.99.

Body Amazing Puzzle from Discovery ToysWe also purchased the Body Amazing puzzle from Discovery Toys earlier in the month! This incredible puzzle has four layers that help a child see all the incredible body parts found under our skin (plus the base, which features the skeletal system). The puzzle is recommended for children 4+, but I can tell you that our three-year-old is figuring it out quickly, with just a little support.

The puzzle comes with a handy booklet with lots of extra details about the human body. I appreciate that it increases fine motor and visual discrimination skills, all while opening up conversations about the intricacies of our bodies. We’ve taken this puzzle everywhere with us this week, and it’s been a big draw for children of all ages!

You can purchase the puzzle online here (boy/girl) or contact me if you’d like to host a Discovery Toys party of your own.

I hope you find these resources helpful for your preschool and primary students. Enjoy learning about our amazing human bodies this semester!

Classical Conversations Cycle 3: The Amazing Human Body | Resources for Preschool & Primary Students from Lone Star Signers


Addie's 6th

Our family just returned from a fun-filled family vacation in northern Missouri, where we celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary, Addie’s 6th birthday, Father’s Day, and the Spurs’ 5th NBA Championship! (Oh, and the Rachel and the TreeSchoolers Kickstarter campaign reached their goal while we were gone, too.)

We had a terrific time hanging out on a farm, visiting the zoo in Omaha, and taking a day trip to “see the sights” in my husband’s hometown in rural Iowa.

We are thankful to be back home, and I’m excited to ease back into our daily routine. (I didn’t miss the heat, though–daily highs in the 70s our entire trip!)

What are YOU celebrating today?!